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South Texas Citrus Shop South Texas Rio Red Grapefruit & South Texas Citrus Shop South Texas Sweet Oranges make PERFECT Texas Gift Boxes for Citrus Fund Raising

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SouthTexas Citrus Shop Texas Grapefruit & South Texas Citrus Shop Texas Gift Fruit are Perfect for Fundraising

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The South Texas Citrus Shop

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Our Fruit is USDA Inspected


    South Texas Citrus Shop Guarantee

We guarantee your satisfaction.  Please contact us immediately if your fruit arrives in poor condition.  We will replace it on a one-time basis.   We also reserve the right to void this guarantee if a shipment is returned to us because it was not deliverable to the given address, or if the fruit was returned because the recipient would not accept delivery. Our goal is to deliver you sweet Texas Citrus with out having it sitting outside in harsh weather conditions.  NOTICE!!! Please help us by providing Shipping Information with a Day Time Work or Mobile # so FED EX can contact you making sure you get your Box of Fruit!!!!!!!  

                                  Thank You!!!!!!!!

The Debate Is Over Grapefruit Wins

 There was a lack of good information backed by a good medical study.  Today, a web site, titled "Center for Food Drug Interaction Research and Education" gives the best summary that they have found. The site gives a look at the interaction problem, and despite popular belief most prescription drugs do not show a clinically relevant interaction. The site also gives a list of drugs and the potential interaction with grapefruit. 


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South Texas Rio Red Grapefruit South Texas Sweet Oranges

Annual Citrus Fund Raising -  Bulk Citrus Transport - Fruit Sales - Fruit Fund Raising

Easily Raise $25,000 in 4 to 6 Weeks for Your School and/or Organizations

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