The CITRUS SHOP carries a limited number of Items. However everything the ​CITRUS SHOP does carry is high quality gourmet specialty items. We do not add any color to our fruit nor do we ship any Mexican citrus.

Norm and Anna would not have it any other way.

South Texas Citrus Shop 


Mission, TX 78573

   Call - 828-506-0207

   or -     614-736-1690 


We Make Your Life a Little Sweeter

Involved in agriculture most of their lives, today they enjoy taking care of their beautiful Rio Red Grapefruit and Sweet Texas Orange groves in Mission, TX servicing their many Citrus Shop Customers.

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Norm Dudgeon & Anna Miller

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South Texas Sweetness

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Easily Raise $25,000 in 4 to 6 Weeks for Your School and/or Organizations

Norm Dudgeon and Anna Miller are the owners and driving force behind South Texas Citrus Shop.

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Norm and Anna also love to Square Dance and do so all winter at El Valle Del Sol Resort in Mission, Texas. 

Come visit 'em here in South Texas, they'd love to show you around.


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